Why buy sculpture?

• Three dimensional art adds more diversion to your life
• Art you can walk around can envelope you
• Flat art you approach, sculpture you engage
• You can change a piece of sculpture by moving around it – varying the outlines, relationships of form, changing the play of light on the surface

I don't have room for sculpture.

• We find room for the functional sculptural objects that are around us everyday:
• Light fixtures are sculpture! Door knobs are sculpture! Do you have ceramic pieces – bowls, vases, chandeliers, sconses?
• Sculpture is versatile in placement, from stand-alone to table-top pieces to exterior patios and landscape pieces

I can't afford sculpture!

• Sculpture can have a select audience. However, the potential increase in value is greater than flat art because less high-quality work is done
• Sculpture gives you pleasure far beyond the dollars you spend

My Process: From Conception to Installation
  • Folding Forms
  • Grant Park, Chicago, IL